Campana Workshop in Athens – New Hotel

Ersi Krouska worked at the ‘Campana’s Workshop in Athens’, from September 2010 and for one year. The workshop’s aim was to design the ‘New Hotel’, in the center of the city of Athens, a reinterpretation of the old ‘Olympic Palace Hotel’ that was built in 1958. After the initiative of the new owner Dakis Joannou, the workshop implemented the design concept of the Campana Brothers under their guidance (from Sao Paulo in Brazil) and under Yorgos Tzirtzilaki’s supervision in Athens; they designed the interior spaces, the furniture and the ID elements of the boutique hotel.

Fragment Washbasins –  Mezzanine (Ladies + Gents) + Suite 

The Fragment Washbasins for the Mezzanine WCs and the bathroom of the Suite, where design by Ersi, after the concept sketches that she received from Campana Brothers.

They were designed digitally. The design took shape in real life, through the foam skeleton that was cut with a 7axis CNC machine.

The mirror pieces (fragments), none of which are identical to the other, where cut by hand and then placed on the foam skeleton. They were put together in a way that emphasizes the angles and the fragmented nature of the construction.

Mezzanine Lobby Furniture – Olympic Tables and Canoe Sofa

The Olympic Tables were inspired by the old label of the ‘Olympic Palace’ hotel. In fact the label itself is incorporated in their construction. They are made out of brass and marble.

The canoe sofa was designed for the mezzanine and it is made out of croco leather.

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